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Are you planning a move in the Treasure Coast of Florida? Whether you are moving from Port St. Lucie to Stuart or Ft. Pierce to Jupiter, you can count on our team of moving and storage professionals at Family Moving and Storage. Even a local move can get a bit stressful. Our local movers offer a variety of moving services to make your moving day hassle-free and straightforward. Let us help you create a moving plan that is tailored to your move type. 

Although many things every type of moving is the same, we identify the differences between an apartment move or a single-family home move. Inform us about your needs, circumstances, and goals, this way, we can work hard on executing your day of the move. We help you build out a timeline of your moving day that can include packing services, loading & unloading services, unpacking services, or the whole moving day package deal. We are movers servicing the Martin and St. Lucie counties, as well as Indian River County. Our local and residential moving services include the following cities: 

  • Port St. Lucie
  • Fort Pierce
  • Sebastian
  • Stuart
  • Jensen Beach
  • Stuart
  • Vero Beach
  • Fellsmere
  • Indiantown
  • Indian River Shores
  • Lucie Village
  • Cape Canaveral
  • Cocoa
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Grant
  • Indialantic
  • Malabar
  • Melbourne
  • Melbourne Beach
  • Merritt Island
  • Mims
  • Palm Bay
  • Rockledge
  • Satellite Beach
  • Scottsmoor
  • Sebastian
  • Sharpes
  • Titusville

Have A Local Moving Plan

Many people who move locally often believe that a local move is quick and easy. However, this causes many residential local moves to underestimate their costs during their move. Family Moving & Storage has assisted with plenty of local residential moves on the Treasure Coast. Our years of experience is what makes our local moving professionals foresee and avoid any pitfalls that may present themselves come moving day. Our movers have seen it all, which is why we have come up with a guide to local residential moving. 

Research Your Moving Options

When it comes to moving and saving money, you should know your options. Do all the research you can on full moving services, moving truck rentals, labor services, the cost of packing supplies, and even storage services. Once you have researched these moving options, you'll have a better understanding and idea of what you should expect to spend. Remember not to underestimate time! Local moves do not necessarily mean a quick move. If you decide to rent a moving van, be wary of extra costs for extra time. 

Collect Your Moving Supplies

If you have decided not to go with a full moving service or a packing service, you need to spend time gathering your packing supplies. Here is a list of must needed packing supplies and moving materials for a 'damage-free' moving experience. 

  • Bubble wrap. We recommend large bubbles for big items and small bubbles for small pieces, like porcelain figurines.
  • Boxes. Boxes are a bit obvious, but it is crucial to get the right boxes. Having a variety of large, small, and medium boxes will help you pack your items for a damage-free move. You can either buy boxes from moving companies, big box stores or ask around for shipping boxes. 
  • Packing Tape. It is vital to get the correct tape when taping up your boxes. You should pick a high-quality tape made for packing since this is what is going to keep your box sturdy. Don't forget to get a large amount too. It would help if you taped both the bottom and the top of your boxes. 
  • Packing Paper. People used to store up their daily newspaper for a move, but now that newspaper isn't as popular we can buy packing paper. This paper is excellent for wrapping dishes, cups, and other breakable belongings.
  • A Dolly & Lifting Straps. Dollies and lifting straps can either be bought or rented. These are a life-saver when it comes to moving day. It is better to be safe than sorry, and having a dolly to lift heavy appliances or furniture can save you a lot of pain in the future. Lifting straps will help you to move large, awkward furniture like couches and dressers.
  • Moving Blankets & Cargo Straps. Having moving blankets and cargo straps for your move is a must. Moving blankets will help to keep your furniture in excellent condition. Cargo straps will make sure all your heavy items are properly secured in your moving truck.
  • Moving Van, Truck, or Trailor. It is essential to assess what you'll be moving. If you are moving a lot of belongings that are oversized, it is best to select a moving truck that has the capacity to haul oversized items. If you are looking to move from a dorm or small apartment, a moving van or truck might be the best choice. Remember that some moving rental companies charge by the mile. So, if you think you'll save money on a small vehicle and make multiple trips, you might want to double-check on that policy.

Move Locally with Family Moving & Storage 

Coordinating a local residential move in the Treasure Coast doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. Family Moving & Storage can be your one-stop hassle-free shop for your local move. Get connected with one of our expert moving professionals to learn all about our wide variety of services. We can get you an estimate on your Treasure Coast move. You do not want to find out at the end of your move that you severely underestimated the cost of your local move. 

Local Storage Services

If you are working with a problematic timeline, our Treasure Coast storage services can keep your items safe until you find a place. Our storage units can provide the best option while you wait on a deal, closing on a home, or simply taking extra time to find the perfect place.

Contact Family & Storage Moving 

If you are looking for a local moving service with plenty of experience and a wide variety of service options to choose from, you can't do better than Family Moving and Storage. Let us help you make your next move a great one! Get a free moving quote for your local and residential Treasure Coast move. 

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