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Professional packing supplies can dramatically impact the difficulty of any move. Having all of the stuff in front of you that you need to pack up your belongings can make the experience that much more seamless. Moving can be pretty stressful after all. It’s a huge project with a lot of moving parts and things to consider and yet, there never seems to be enough time. “How can I move all of my coffee mugs without breaking any?” or glassware, or your tv or mirrors. There are a lot of fragile things we bring with us. How can you be sure you’re properly protecting it all?

Professional packing supplies are essential to a move. That’s why at Family Moving & Storage we only use the best of the best for your belongings because when you move with us we’ll treat you like family.

One Stop Shop

At Family Moving & Storage, we understand that efficiency is key to a stress free move. So when you move with us you can count on us thinking of everything. When we say we’re expert movers we mean it. That means covering all the bases when it comes to professional packing supplies. We’ll bring with us the high quality products your things deserve to be moved with. Here are just a few things we can bring with us to pack up your things safely and securely:

    • Boxes are a moving staple. But when you go to pack your belongings up before the big moving day there never seems to be enough of them. That’s why we keep an inventory of packing supplies, boxes included. We deal in professional packing supplies. Sorest assured, you can count on these boxes being superior quality too, not the thin flimsy ones that jeopardize the safety of your beloved things. 
    • Packing tape is essential too. After all, how else would you keep all of the boxes shut? But unlike moving by yourself, you don’t have to worry about running out of tape halfway through packing and have to make a hundred trips to the store to restock. We use strong durable packing tape that can keep the boxes sealed tight so your things don’t slip out.
    • Bubble wrap and packing peanuts keep all of the things inside the boxes from sliding around and crashing into one another during the trip. They protect your mugs and glassware so there isn’t any banging around in the back of the moving truck.

  • Bungee cords help hold the big stuff in place in the back of the truck. Think mattresses and dressers. Without bungee cords those larger furniture pieces might tumble over and damage the smaller things around them.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

Now what about all the pesky heavy lifting that you might otherwise leave up to whatever friends or family you can scrounge together at the last minute? Our team at Family Moving & Storage have professional packing supplies for that bit too. That’s why having access to professional packing supplies is so crucial to a good moving experience. You need the proper tools to do the job the right way, otherwise you’re lugging heavy furniture down a flight of stairs and up the ramp of the truck with your bare hands and probably throwing out your back. Professional packing supplies are important for the physical part of the move too.

  • Lifting straps leverage the weight of the heavy stuff, the right way. Professional packing supplies like lifting straps help you manage the weight better so you can worry less about hurting yourself and more about where the couch is going to go in your new home.
  • Dollies and hand trucks let us put the weight on wheels. Professional packing supplies make it a lot easier to move by allowing us to push or pull something rather than carry it. Especially when some of the big things can be kind of awkward to hold up. Refrigerators come into your house on hand trucks. Why would you take them out on anything else?
  • Wheelbarrows are a classic. An oldy but a goody. They’re great as professional packing supplies and great for moving the things you aren’t taking with you out of the house forever. 

Packing Up Your Space Coast Office

If business is doing well maybe you’re ready to upgrade. Spread out and give your business room to grow even more. Family Moving & Storage will be happy to provide you with the professional packing supplies to make that happen. You’re a professional and you should deal with professionals to facilitate your move. You’re the expert in your industry and we’re the experts in ours.

We’ll bring the same enthusiasm and expertise that we bring to residential moves and the same top quality professional packing supplies. Computers, desks, copiers and fax machines need love too and are expensive to replace. Trying to manage the move yourself with a few associates can get costly quickly when things start breaking. Count on our professional packing supplies and loading and unloading services to save you money.

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Our Space Coast office is located in Palm Bay but we’ll service you just about anywhere in Brevard County. If you want to talk about your next move with Family Moving & Storage and want the comfort of knowing your belongings are being handled by professional packing supplies give us a call at 321-372-1005 or visit our contact page. If you’re interested, we’ll give you a free quote today. We look forward to moving forward with you.

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