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Many people don’t account for the large, bulky and difficult things they own when setting out to move. One of the most overlooked items that are forgotten about until moving day is, believe it or not, the piano. Whether you are a piano virtuoso who practices daily, or your piano is simply a family heirloom you cannot part with, your piano is a large investment that you will want to be sure is transported properly. 

Our team of piano movers in Melbourne, Florida has the experience to avoid moving pitfalls when it comes to moving pianos, and the logistics knowledge to make sure your instrument will not be damaged in your move. We apply years of experience in moving pianos and other large instruments to you and your move.

Why Hire Piano Movers in Melbourne, Florida?

Like most musical instruments, pianos are extremely delicate pieces of equipment. Pianos require the utmost care to function properly, stay in tune, and not be damaged, and this just covers maintenance! 

If you think that is a lot to manage just through daily upkeep and maintenance, then figuring out how to store and move a piano is something else entirely. Simply storing a piano in a hot room in Melbourne, Florida for too long will damage the instruments' sound quality and decrease its tone and overall value. The actual process of moving the instrument needs to be carefully considered as well, since a piano that is not tightly secured runs the risk of sustaining serious damage. As you can imagine, this instrument requires even closer attention and care when moved, and must be done properly to avoid damage. 

Not only will you need to look out for safety when moving your piano in Melbourne, Florida, but you will also want to hire piano movers to protect your own safety as well. Pianos are extremely large and bulky instruments. Mishandling of these instruments can lead to serious injury and moving mishap. It is important to hire movers that have had years of experience moving pianos and other large instruments, as inexperienced movers can accidentally damage the instrument or even themselves.

Trust the professional piano movers in Melbourne, Florida at Family Moving and Storage to maintain, move, or even store your piano with the care and respect that it deserves. Our team is trained to break down your piano as much as possible, removing legs, pedals, music stands, and other accessories for easier transport with our professional equipment. After safely transporting your piano, we will reassemble it in its new location, ready to be played and admired by everyone who visits your new place.

What To Consider Before Moving A Piano By Yourself

The first thing that many piano owners take into consideration when faced with a move is whether or not they can store and move the piano themselves. It may seem like the most logical and cost-effective solution, but moving a piano by yourself can result in some serious problems if done without the help of trained professionals. Here are some things to consider before committing to moving your piano without the help of the team here at Family Moving and Storage:

  • - Piano Weight as the Main Factor
    • Weighing anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds, a piano will require several people to move it safely across homes or locations. If the piano is too heavy, that will affect your balance and you should consider it before attempting to move it by yourself.
  • - Piano Legs are Not Made for Rolling
    • Piano legs will not roll across a floor without leaving some scratches on the floor or worst-case scenario, breaking while doing so. These are very fragile and it is highly possible they might break if too much pressure is being applied from one side. If possible remove the legs, some pianos allow you to remove the legs in order to move them around without breaking. 
  • - Use a Special Dolly
    • There are special dollies that can be used specifically to move pianos. They will keep it secure while rolling your piano around. These dollies can save a lot of time and physical work. Unfortunately, these dollies are often sold in markets throughout the moving industry, so do not expect to find one at Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  • - Planning Everything Beforehand
    • Planning how everything is going to be done, needs to be taken into consideration before you even start doing anything. Your doorways need to be wide enough, to fit your piano through. Every possible obstacle, even ones that you think might not even happen, needs to be out of the way to make it easier for you. 

As you can see, planning the move and reassembly of a piano is difficult work. Unfortunately, the potential cons outweigh the pros when it comes to moving your piano yourself. That is why it is safer and more efficient to contact a professional piano mover to help you through the entire piano moving process.

Why You Should Consider Family Moving and Storage's Piano Moving Experts

We are professional movers, which means you can be assured that we have the equipment needed and experience to safely get your piano from one location to another. When you hire our team of professionals at Family Moving and Storage, you are hiring the most skilled movers on the Space Coast. We have years of helping everyone from newlyweds to large businesses, and we will bring that expertise to your move. 

If you are interested, call Family Moving and Storage at 321-372-1005 for a free consultation today. We look forward to helping you move your piano in a safe and efficient manner.

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