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Moving & Packing Services In Brevard County

Packing is probably everyone's least favorite part of moving. However, adequate packing is essential in making sure any move is a smooth one. Our professional moving & packing services in Brevard County is the #1 solution. Not only will we make sure your Space Coast move goes off flawlessly, but we'll also even pack up your stuff for you! Along with our moving and storage services, our full-service moving company includes packing services too!

Maybe you've started packing up your home, apartment, and office, but a little more than halfway through, you've realized you have a lot more stuff than you expected. No matter where you are, we can help! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Our Packing Promise

Whether you're packing up for a residential move or an office move, our team of moving experts has got the solutions for you. We can assist you in building a packing day plan to make sure you know your stuff will be safe and secure. Not only that, but our team of office packers will make sure all your most expensive and least expensive equipment is handled with care. 

Our professional packing team can handle your most delicate art pieces to disassembling your couch for an easier move. The organization of your goods is one of the main focuses of the packing process and the key to a timely move-in day. Packing boxes with similar items that also go in the same room will make unpacking your belongings a breeze. Here at Family Moving & Storage, we will help you make sure the packing process is as smooth as possible.

Save Time with Packing Services

A wise man once said that you never know how much you have until you move. You could spend hours packing up your belongings, and if you're not doing it properly, all of that time could go to waste. It also does not help that it can be easy to forget to pack some things if your organization is not enough. There are too many factors to take into account when you are packing on your own.

At Family Moving & Storage, our Space Coast movers will pack your items safely and efficiently. Packing on your own could take days, if not weeks. You might feel like your spendings all your time wrapping what seems to be hundreds of knick-knacks in bubble wrap. Our full-service packing and moving professionals will complete the task in just one day! 

The key is that our Space Coast moving team of dedicated packers can detach themselves from the items they are packing away. No more spending extra time reminiscing about that trip you took when you're packing away all those fridge magnets. By treating every item with equal importance, our movers and packers can pack your belongings away in the most efficient way possible.

Our next key to success is proper labeling and organization. There is nothing more frustrating than unlabeled boxes. Once you unload the moving trucks, getting settled into your new home can be impossible if all of your packages look the same. Going through your packed boxes and finding only what seemed to be 'the junk drawer' can get a bit frustrating. As part of our packing services, our Palm Bay movers will label each box and distribute them to their appropriate room upon arrival in your new home.

Professional Packers that Secure Your Belongings

At Family Moving & Storage, our Space Coast professional packing service understands how to secure the most cumbersome items during your move through years of experience. Knowing how to connect your mattresses, appliances, and other bulky items is essential in ensuring your belongings arrive safely. Failing to pack your belongings properly will lead to damaged and broken items upon arrival to your new home, even ruining other things in the process. Say your snowglobe collection is next to your books. A slight mistake can lead to water, glitter, and broken glass everywhere! Our professionals will handle the packing to avoid moving disasters like these.

Professional Packing Supplies in the Space Coast

Aside from experience, part of the reason that our Space Coast moving and packing company can transport your items so safely is our access to professional packing supplies. Our packing team will save you from getting these items yourself and come prepared to pack and move even the most abnormally-shaped items. You will not have to estimate how much tape, boxes, and bubble wrap you'll need. This means if you underestimate, you save some trips running back and forth between the store and your home. Our packing team has years of experience packing up houses, apartments, and even offices. They know precisely what packing supplies to bring and how much of it. We use the highest quality pads, straps, dollies, and packing supplies possible further to ensure the safety of your items during transport.  

Packing Up Your Brevard County Office

If you're looking to pack up your Brevard County office, we can help you with that too. Our professional packing team has an effective office packing strategy that will save your company time and even save you money. Your business can be up and running sooner than later. 

Family Moving & Storage Pros excel in packing and moving office equipment. From heavy and expensive office supplies to all those staplers. Hiring a packing service business doesn't have to be a tough choice. Our professionals can pack up cubicles, large printers and copiers, and necessary filing cabinets. 

Don't leave packing up your office for your employees. Having your employees pack can cost you money and time in the long run. Electronics can be expensive and delicate, and our team knows just how to secure and package those essential office items. Misplacing equipment and documents can become a nightmare come unpacking day. Make your Space Coast office move quickly and efficiently by hiring the right team of experts. 

Choose What Rooms You Need Help Packing

Arguably the most difficult rooms to pack are your kitchen or living room. If you are dreading the idea of packing up these big spaces, we can do it for you. Our Space Coast packing team can help you out with just one or two rooms as well. We understand that a professional packing team can be a little overwhelming since they are packing up all your personal belongings. If you decide you would instead take care of packing your rooms, you can leave the rest to us! We want to assure you that everyone in our packing and moving team is professionals. We have been serving the Treasure Coast and Space Coast for over 20 years. Our past customers know how important they are to us, and you can see that in their reviews. 

Ready To Get Packing In The Space Coast?

If you're planning a move, don't fret about packing! Whether you are looking for a local residential moving company or commercial movers in the Space Coast, Family Moving & Storage is here to help with our packing services. Our team can pack your items quickly, efficiently, and securely, so you don't have to. Whether you're moving next week or today, our same-day moving team is ready to help with your moving needs. Get a free moving quote today.

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