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Packing Services

When you picture moving day, you probably think of a big moving van parked out front, heavy boxes carried by Palm Bay movers, and dissembled furniture strewn across your house. While moving involves many tasks, the most universally dreaded seems to be packing. Many people procrastinate this seemingly overwhelming task. Some hastily throw everything into boxes and wind up with damaged goods. Others pack in advance but neglect to use the proper packing supplies and end up with the same result. So, what if there was a way to have all of your worldly possessions packed efficiently and safely without you having to life a finger?

Professional Packing Services

Despite the lack of enthusiasm packing inspires in most people, it is an undeniably important part of a successful moving day, and our Treasure Coast moving company is here to help. While it doesn’t often occur to people when they’re planning a move, the truth is that you don’t have to pack anything at all. Along with our moving and storage services, our full-service moving company includes packing services.

Save Time with Packing Services

Do not spend hours packing your belongings only to discover that you did not do so properly. At Family Moving & Storage, our Palm Bay movers will pack your items safely and efficiently. Rather than taking weeks to properly pack your items yourself, our full-service movers will be able to complete the same task in one day.

Our team of dedicated packers are able to do what most people can’t: detach themselves from the items they are packing. Our movers in Melbourne, FL will not waste time reminiscing or contemplating whether or not to keep an item. We treat each item as equally important.

Additionally, unlabeled boxes are a huge frustration once you unload the moving truck and realize all the boxes look the same you don’t know which box belongs to which room in your new home. This is a crucial step that many people miss. As part of our packing services, our Palm Bay movers will label each box and distribute them to their appropriate room upon arrival in your new home.

Secure Your Items

Our professional movers also have a good understanding of how to secure even the most difficult items for safe transit. Failing to pack your items properly can lead to damage in transit, and depending upon their contents, ruining other items in the moving truck as well. For example, your snow globe collection could get water and bits of shattered glass and glitter on furniture, clothing, or books that were loaded nearby. Let the professionals handle the packing to avoid such moving disasters.

Professional Packing Supplies

Part of the reason our Treasure Coast moving company is able to transport your items securely is because of our professional packing supplies. Not only will we save you a trip to the store, but we also have the proper supplies to pack even your most abnormally-shaped and unusual items. We use the highest quality pads, straps, dollies, and packing supplies possible to further ensure the safety of your items during transport.


If you’re planning a move, don’t fret about packing! Whether you are looking for a local residential moving company or commercial movers in the Treasure Coast, Family Moving & Storage is here to help with our packing services. Our team can pack your items quickly, efficiently, and securely so you don’t have to.


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