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With the opportunities that come with so many industry changes, many individuals and families may not always know where they'll end up next. Moving from one corner of the state to another is not easy, especially for a large household. When you're moving long distances in Melbourne Florida, it's important to prepare as much as possible for a successful move. And whenever that day comes, it certainly helps to have a professional long-distance moving company in your corner.

Long-distance moving requires many preparatory tasks that can seem daunting at first. However, breaking down tasks into a list will help ensure a smooth process and minimal stress before and on the day of the move.

Declutter and Downsize

First of all, you want to begin cleaning your home and packing up anything that isn't going in the new house. This includes things like old clothes, food items, furniture, or decorations. If you have not been using certain belongings anymore (for example, if they are broken or outdated), it may be time to get rid of them. You can also sell or donate items that are still in good working condition, but will not be essential in your new space. Streamlining your personal effects before the move can help you and your family settle into your new place better. 

Have an Inventory

Second, you should make a list of all the things that need to be moved. Consider the size of the new place before listing the items you plan on bringing. If you are moving into a smaller space, you may need to let go of some items on your list.

Furthermore, the more specific you are about what you're taking, the easier it will be for our moving company to plan the loading and unloading of your items onto our vehicles. Categorizing items such as dishware or clothing helps, especially if you segregate these into labeled boxes or containers.

Packing Tip

Before starting to pack your moving boxes, have a quick walk around the house to see if there are other suitable containers. For example, suitcases can be used for packing shoes or off-season clothing items. If suitcases don't already have their own lids, you can also use plastic shopping bags to keep small items from spilling out. 

Protect Your Valuables

We recommend that you protect your furniture and other valuables by purchasing enough packing materials. Boxes are readily available in various sizes at supermarkets or low-cost retailers near where you live. Bubble wrap is also a cost-effective way to safeguard your belongings from damage. Loose-fill packing material such as packing peanuts will also protect household items from being crushed during the long-distance moving process.

Family Moving & Storage in Melbourne FL also offers packing services. Call us at 321-372-1005 today.

Dismantle Furniture

In order to save space and make room for more items in the van, you may want to disassemble any large furniture. For example, take apart nightstands and dressers by removing hardware (drawer knobs or handles) then stack pieces flat on bottom of an entryway hallway for easy loading. It is important to note that you should only disassemble items you are able to reassemble. For more intricate or antique items, you should leave them as is. 

Schedule Ahead

Planning your move at least a month ahead of time will save you from having to deal with last-minute tasks and also from incurring unforeseen costs. Have a realistic timeline and be aware of any possible weather issues you may encounter. Thankfully, there are virtually no weather changes in Florida for most of the time, except for hurricane season which usually runs between June to November.

As soon as you have a date and time set for your move, spread out your packing tasks over a few days and do your best to stay on schedule.  Work on packing some of your items as early as a month before the move to avoid the stress of having to do it all at once.

Be Careful

Suddenly having to move furniture and heavy items around the house can be potentially dangerous if done incorrectly. Always ask for help when moving heavy objects and take extra precautions to ensure that your items are handled with care. Never bend your back when picking up a heavy item. Instead, bend your hips and knees to squat down to your load, keep it close to your body, and straighten your legs to lift. Never lift a heavy object above shoulder level. Avoid turning or twisting your body while lifting or holding a heavy object.  Reduce the risk of injury by using your legs to lift, not your back.

Make a Plan

Moving is exhausting work! It's important that everyone knows their role in the moving process and what to do while someone else is doing it for them. With all the effort involved in long-distance moving, think ahead about who will be doing which tasks to make things go smoothly. 

After you've made a list of what needs to be done, make sure to delegate tasks to the right people. In order to have a successful move, make sure everyone knows their duties and how best they can accomplish them. For example, if you have three people available to help you move, one should be in charge of packing small items, while one or two should be discarding old or heavy unnecessary items. Think ahead so you aren't trying to figure out how each item should be moved at the last minute. Make sure that children are also supervised throughout this time. They shouldn't try carrying large, heavy boxes or other items to help, as these may lead to accidents and injuries. 

Hire Family Moving & Storage

The other option is to use a long-distance moving company. Long-distance Florida moving companies can help you plan your move, especially if this is your first time moving your family away from home. It might also be helpful to have someone who has previously gone through the experience of long-distance moving guide you through the process.

We have over 20 years of experience serving the Space Coast, Treasure Coast, and now the Orlando area. At Family Moving & Storage, we hold our professional movers to the highest standards. All of our staff are highly trained, licensed, and insured. You can depend on us to execute any kind of move that you need efficiently. We are acutely aware of the common pitfalls experienced during a move and take all the necessary steps to avoid them. 

Call us at 321-372-1005 to plan your next long-distance move in Melbourne Florida, packing, or downsizing service. You can also email us at info@callfamilymoving.com for an estimate. We look forward to serving you!

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