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There comes a time in many people’s lives where they decide that they just do not need the amount of stuff or space they have. You have decided it is time to downsize. Maybe you are parents and your children have moved off into the world on their own, or you have discovered that if you sell your home you can pay off your mortgage and become debt free. Maybe you just have too much stuff and you are tired of it. Whatever your reasoning for it downsizing is a natural part of life.

At Family Moving and Storage, we aim to make your Space Coast downsizing experience less stressful for you. We understand that downsizing can come with its own unique challenges. It can be difficult to move when you have occupied a house for so long and now have made the choice to move into a smaller space. This process will include organizing and packing all of your belongings, determining which of your belongings are coming with you, and safely moving your priceless belongings to your new home.

That is why we want to help you make this process as painless as possible. Family Moving and Storage offers multiple services that can help you turn your downsizing experience into something more manageable. We might not be able to help you pick between which set of fine china you own, but we can help make sure each set ends up in the right place.

Packing Services

Packing can be a stressful and emotionally taxing experience. When moving into a smaller home, it is especially important to be strategic and organized. You will need to consider that moving into a smaller home will cost you some storage space, making it more difficult to find a place for your belongings.

There is also the process of getting everything properly sorted into boxes and packing containers. When you are moving all of your items over from one place to another it’s a little easier than downsizing, because you plan on keeping the large majority of it. Packing when downsizing comes with the extra wrinkle of needing to keep together items you do not plan to keep at your downsized home.

With an efficient, organized moving system, you will find that this process becomes much easier. You will be able to think clearly once in your new home and find the perfect place for all of your well-organized items. We can help you keep everything organized so you are not overwhelmed by the decision of what should go where and what items are on which truck. Everything is organized and accounted for when you are working with us.

Let Family Moving and Storage help with their packing services. Our professional movers will be there every step of the way to patiently make sure each and every one of your belongings are safely accounted for, packed, and ready to enter their new home.

Storage Services

When downsizing, people often do not realize that they may not have space to store all of their belongings in their new home. Family Moving and Storage has them covered with our Space Coast storage services.

A storage facility is great because you can use it in a variety of ways. If your new downsized home does not have room for all of your holiday decorations, and you always have the home with the biggest holiday blowout, then keep them in a storage facility. It could be that you have a few items you just cannot bare to part with, but you just do not have the space. Then a storage facility is great for that too, or maybe your downsizing process has left you with a few items you need to sell or give to friends, but you weren’t able to do so before the move. Just store them away until you can properly move on from them.

Count on our Space Coast storage facilities to keep your precious belongings safe and sound. Our moving professionals will work with you patiently to determine which items will be joining you, and which will be moved to storage while safely and efficiently transporting both. When it comes time to move them to the storage facility we can bring them and pack them there for you as well.

Moving Services

The last step of downsizing in Space Coast, FL is the move itself. Count on our friendly moving professionals to safely and efficiently move your belongings to your new downsized home. Leaving behind decades of memories can be a difficult and emotional time. Which is why we are available to do the hard part for you.

We can help you set aside all your items that are going to storage, what is staying behind to be sold or disposed of, and what is actually going to your new home. We will load it up into the truck with our expert moving team and drive it over for you. Once there we can help you unload everything and even put it where you want it to go.  

Count on Family Moving and Storage to do all of the heavy lifting while you stroll into your golden years. Downsizing does not have to be as difficult as it sounds, because when you have a great service like ours to help you will be shocked at how quickly everything is finished. Before you know it you’ll be unpacking and making new memories in your new downsized home. Ready to move into the future.

If you are looking for just moving services check out our moving service here. While we can help you downsize we can also help you pack and move from home to home as well. Our moving team are experts when it comes to keeping your belongings safe. We care about our customer’s items as much as if they were our own.

Contact Us

Family Moving and Storage is the moving service for you. If you are in the Space Coast or Treasure Coast area, then call us and we can help your moving experience go along smoothly. No more fretting over how you are going to get all of these items packed and ready to go by moving day. Stop stressing over where you are going to find a moving truck. How are you getting it to the new place? How much time will it take? Do you need an entire weekend? Should you take off work?

You can forget about all of these concerns when you hire Family Moving and Storage. Our moving team has been in operation for over 20 years and our customers rave about our efforts as one of the most efficient moving teams in the area.

When you are in need of moving help you should stop worrying about how you’re going to move and what you need to do and just give us a call. We will make your moving experience so painless that you will think you are dreaming.

Family Moving and Storage also offers packing and storage services. We aim to not only make your moving process simple and easy but the entirety of the move itself. 

If you would like a quote or have a question about what we can do for you then give us a call or use our contact page. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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