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Moving can be stressful. Between packing, cleaning, organizing, and setting aside time in your busy life to prepare for the move itself it can feel extremely overwhelming. That doesn’t even go into the stress of the day itself which usually involves an early morning and a long day.

The process of moving does not have to be this hard or difficult. Too often you’ll see people try to move on their own without any help. They might have a friend or two help them out, and maybe even rent a truck, but the majority of the labor is performed by themselves. It doesn’t have to be this way.

When the average person thinks of moving companies their immediate thoughts are related to the moving day itself. A group of people will come by with a truck, load everything on to that truck, and then load everything off of it. Depending on how many trips are necessary the actual moving part could range anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This can get pricey.

While this is absolutely a large part of what moving companies will do it’s not their only service. If you want to hire movers to only move your items and nothing else then they can do that, but did you know that at Family Moving we offer services that involve nothing but the labor itself?

We understand that for many people the hardest part of moving is just the actual moving part, but you’re also letting yourself stress out over the packing and you’re not using moving services to their max potential. At Family Moving we consistently bring the best service by offering more than just moving.

Maybe you’ve already rented out a truck on your own, but two friends that you needed help from dropped out due to work or getting sick. Family moving can provide the service and help you need to keep your moving process smooth and without stress. We offer labor services that, no matter your needs, can help you in areas besides moving.


Packing isn’t easy. You have to gather everything together and keep it organized so when you’re unpacking it doesn’t end up being a giant mess. Kitchen items over here, living room items here, your bedroom is in a stack of boxes over here, but now you have a giant pile of random items and you’re not sure where any of it should go. The piles are building up and soon the boxes are getting out of control too. It’s too much.

This is a situation where hiring labor that can do the packing for you is a huge plus. Our packers are the best of the best at keeping everything organized so when it comes time to unpack you know where everything is already. Imagine how much stress that would remove from the moving process. No longer do you have to worry about that random assortment of boxes that make no sense or fitting everything together. Packers will handle it all for you.

The best part? It will all remain organized. Packers don’t just throw everything into boxes and hope it all works out well. They keep those boxes together so when they’re unloaded later the kitchen is full of kitchen boxes and the bedroom is full of bedroom boxes. Worried about mixing up what is what? Everything is labeled!

Loading and unloading

For some, the process of packing isn’t difficult, they’ve rented out a truck, and moving day is here. Everything is going as planned except for one problem. They have to do everything by themselves. Whether you’re living in a new place on your own, couldn’t get the extra hands, or just wanted to move on your own this sounds like it could be incredibly stressful. That’s why sometimes it’s worth hiring labor to help load and unload.

With a team of movers called in to help with loading and unloading your stress levels should plummet, because you won’t have to worry about finishing everything before a storm comes in or before the sun goes down. It will reduce the amount of time your move takes, because more hands help the loading and unloading process go quicker.

Asking for help is never a bad thing. If you need help whether it’s from just the need for some extra hands, or if it’s for a full on move, hiring labor is never a bad idea. It will reduce the stress from your move exponentially and it will go far quicker than if you had done it on your own.

Don’t hire movers just to help you move. Hire movers to help you pack, load, unload, and have the easiest move of your life. No one has ever hired labor for their move and regretted it. They always wish they had done it sooner.

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