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If you're like most people, packing is probably not your favorite thing to do. It's time-consuming, tedious, and often leaves you with many boxes and packing material that you don't know what to do with. Well, worry no more! Our professional moving company, Family Moving & Storage, offers full-service packing services to take care of everything for you. We'll pack up your belongings safely and securely so that there is little chance of anything getting damaged during the move. Plus, our movers are experts at packing delicate items so they won't get scratched or broken during transit. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about our moving and packing services in the Space and Treasure Coasts!

Our Promise

Sometimes we have to make a move because of work, moving into a new house, to another state, or simply to a new office. The first thing that comes to our mind to worry us is packing. We start dreading the move because we don't even know what belongings to pack first. Our team at Family Moving & Storage, our team of moving experts, has the solutions for you. We promise to assist you in building a packing day plan to ensure you know your stuff will be secure. Our team of office packers will promise that all of your belongings are handled with care, from the least expensive to the most expensive.

During this process, we use boxes that are designed exclusively for dishware and glassware, such as:

  • Mirror Carton: Used for heavy and fragile items such as large wall mirrors, glass, and large picture frames.
  • Dish Packs: Specialty box for dishes, bowls, cups, etc. This is made of a double-walled corrugated board, making it durable enough to hold up under the weight of your heaviest items while still having enough flexibility to prevent damage from strong impact. 
  • It is crucial to package fragile items in sturdy bubble wrap envelopes to be handled with care when it comes to long-distance.

We make sure that similar items are stored together in the same package and put in the same room. This will make your life much easier, and no need to run back and forth through boxes, wondering where your items are. Don't worry; our professional packing team can handle your most delicate art pieces to disassemble your couch for an easier move. Family Moving & Storage focuses on organizing all of your belongings and making sure to be efficiently prepared for your move-in day.


Save Time with Packing Services

Do you ever realize how much stuff you have until you clean out a room or move out of a complete house? We tend to keep and store so many items that we eventually forget about; needless to say, half of it is usually unnecessary. Anyway, you could spend hours attempting to pack your belongings. If you are throwing things in packages left and right, you are not packing correctly, causing you to waste time and set yourself up for a workload while unpacking. We usually start throwing everything we see in packages in hopes that we don't forget anything, but this lack of organization will most likely cause us to forget many things. When you are packing your things, there are a lot of factors to take into account, such as:

  • Make sure all of your storage items' most important things are packed first.
  • Make sure you don't leave anything behind or don't go through everything efficiently.
  • Make sure all of the items that belong in the same room are together.
  • And more!

Moving is not easy; that is why you need experts that know how to do this with their eyes closed! In this case, we definitely want their eyes wide open, but you get what we mean! At Family Moving & Storage, our Space Coast movers will pack your items safely and efficiently.


Labeling and Organization

Aside from all the time it could take to pack things on your own, days and maybe even weeks, there is more than just putting things in boxes. Once we have every box filled, we need to label them to know what exactly is in each box. This will be a big help when it's time to organize your new space or home. When you're moving, it's easy to let things fall through the cracks. You might find yourself with an entire box full of old stuff that doesn't seem important anymore or even remotely useful! Our movers know what they're doing, so this won't be a problem at all. We will carefully label each item and distribute them throughout their new home once everything arrives, making every room feel like yours.

Do you see why you need experts in the business now? Family Moving & Storage has a dedicated team of packers ready to help you with all of your moving essentials while you remain relaxed and confident that this is being taken care of. You can depend on our full-service packing and moving professionals for a job well done. We'll take care of all the details, including getting your belongings from A to B in just one day! Get a FREE moving quote today.

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