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What to Avoid When Moving This Fall

As fall arrives, moving day is here for many. From college students to families, long hours in the moving truck or an intense afternoon of packing is right around the corner. No matter how you spend your moving day, it's important to make sure you aren't caught off guard by anything unfortunate coming your way. If only every move was smooth sailing! Unfortunately though, mishaps can happen on even the most planned days. Here are some common moving day disasters, and how you can avoid them:

Oversized Furniture

All too often, inexperienced movers will attempt to convince you that they can fit an oversized item into a tight space. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that such items will need to be left behind.That’s why it’s important to hire experienced and professional movers. Are there any items that are just  too big to bring along? If so, you can always use a local storage unit. The benefits of utilizing a storage unit include:

  • Less Clutter
  • Security of Items
  • Guaranteed Security
  • And more!

Losing Your Keys

Just about everyone who's ever moved has experienced the sinking feeling of losing their keys on moving day. While it may only take a minute or two for you to lose them, it takes  substantially longer to find them. That's why it's so important that you put together a "mover kit" beforehand .

This kit should include everything that you might need on moving day, including an extra set of keys. If you're renting a moving truck, you'll also want to make sure that your movers have access to the mover kit. This will ensure  that they have the tools necessary to get your movers on the road in a timely manner.

Damaged Items

When moving to a new location, everyone wants to avoid damaging their items. No one wants to get to their new home, only to find that their favorite piece of furniture  has a huge gash in the middle of it. Hiring experienced movers who know how to handle items properly is key when it comes to moving this fall. 

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To avoid heartbreaking scenarios it’s imperative to hire a reputable moving company. Family Moving and Storage can  provide you with a smooth, stress-free move in Brevard County! Call us today at 321-372-1005 and  let us show you how moving should be!

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