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With a large amount of items in your home, it can be hard to decide what to pack first. It’s important that you have a checklist in place before you pack anything, that way you don’t forget any items! It’s also important before packing to purge any unwanted items. Having a garage sale for items you think others may need is a great idea! Afterwards, you can also take any items to a thrift store that may be interested. 

Here’s our lists of items you may want to pack first:

  • Items and clothes you don’t use. If you have things in storage or in the back of the closet you won’t get to soon, pack those first. These items you may want to visit before the packing process also, so you can evaluate how much of a necessity these items are. If you have clothing you’ve outgrown or aren’t interested in anymore, consider giving it to someone in need. Also, if you’ve got items in storage you haven’t used in a while, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If so, go ahead and pack it.

  • Decor such as wall hangings. Decoration like wall hangings may not be a necessity to keep around. That’s why a lot of people pack these items first. You probably won’t find yourself needing these items in the near future like you will for items such as food, clothing, and toiletries.

  • Books. If you’re most likely not going to reach for them soon, pack them up. Books you may use for recreation or cookbooks may be options for you to pack first.

  • Extra dishes. If you have lots of nice plates and cutlery, you may want to pack those up. A lot of people have a set of china they only bring out a couple of times a year. These are excellent to pack up first because you most likely won’t be using them soon (unless you’re moving during the holiday season).

  • Jewelry. Do you or a family member have a lot of jewelry? Consider it being one of the first items to pack. If you might not be getting to it soon, it’s probably good to consider packing it up.

Remember, as you pack it’s good to label your boxes for subject and get the appropriate size. If you have items that are prone to breaking, such as fine china or nice TVs, be sure to wrap them up appropriately with bubble wrap or towels so they won’t get broken. 

If you’re worried about your move, call Family Moving & Storage! Let our family move your family in Florida. Consider our professional moving company for all of your moving needs. Contact us today!

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