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Ways To Cope With Moving Stress

Moving can be a challenging time for anyone. There are countless things to worry about, from how to move your stuff to saying your goodbyes. It’s important to take deep breaths and remember why you’re making the move. Here’s a list of how you can stay calm during the big move:

1. Have A Positive Mindset

Go in with a positive attitude! Remember why you’re making the moving choice. Have you found a better location for yourself, a better job, or are you closer to your favorite coffee place? Listing reasons why the move will be great can encourage you to keep going. If you’re stressed out over the move, remember that it’s normal and will be over soon. Take some deep breaths when you feel stressed out. Remember, your whole moving process can possibly take a long period of time. Make sure you take a healthy amount of breaks for eating, sleeping, and general relaxation. This will all help improve your stress and lead you into a positive mindset for handling the move.

2. Stay Organized

Find a good system to organize your move. Make a checklist to check off what you’ve packed, people you need to call, information that needs to be updated, and other necessities. Organize boxes by subject and write their subject on the box. Having a good system for an organization can release your stress. When it comes time to locate specific items or information, you might be less stressed.

3. Feel the Emotions

It’s okay to take the time to feel stressed, anxious, happy, or sad about the move. Take the time to remember the good reasons for your move. Allow yourself to experience the emotions and take in the moving process calmly because it is a big life decision. Not allowing yourself time to cope with the stress and anxiety of the move could escalate your bad mood as you move along with the process. Feel your emotions and communicate with a close friend or family member about the process.

4. Say Goodbyes and Hellos

Say goodbye to your neighbors, as they probably won’t be seeing you for a while. Also, say goodbye to any nearby relatives or friends if you will not be visiting them. Throw a going-away party at your house to allow yourself and guests to give a proper goodbye. A going-away party is also a great time to make any plans for future visits!

When you reach your new home, be sure to say hello to any new neighbors. They’re probably curious about the new neighbor who moved in, so make sure you introduce yourself! A great way to introduce yourself safely to the neighborhood is to sit outside with a roommate or family member and introduce yourself as neighbors go past.

5. Ask For Help - With the Right Moving Company!

It’s important to ask for help with moving, whether it’s from your trusted friend or family member. They’ll most likely suggest you hire a moving company. Why not Family Moving & Storage? Our professional Florida family moving company can help you with the process. We move families in Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Melbourne, and beyond! Be sure to consider us for your move. Let us help you stress-free!

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