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Moving can be a stressful time. And while many think that it is only the physical movement of your locations from one home to another that causes frustration and worry, the truth is that settling into your new home can be an equally stressful part of the moving process. This is especially true when it’s time to check back into your daily routine and do things like check your email or watch television. If your utilities and other services haven’t been properly forwarded to your new address, you could find yourself without electricity or cable and internet service. This, in turn, can lead to great frustration and a delay in returning to your “normal”, everyday life.

At Family Moving and Storage, we know that there are a few tips that can help ensure that you don’t end up missing vital services when you arrive to your new location. Let’s take a look at some of the most important of them to keep in mind.

Notify the Services in Time

While some services or utilities might be able to be moved on short notice, others take more time to properly cancel. This can be an issue, especially if you’re hoping to collect refunds and deposits before making your way to your new home. With that in mind, it is a good idea to give services and utilities at least a two week notice before the day that you’re moving. Additionally, make sure to check with each service in question to make sure you have all required identification to move or cancel services.

Don’t Transfer or Cancel Prematurely

If you are planning a move, you might be tempted to turn off things like water and electricity the actual day of the move. What you might not have kept in mind, however, is that many utilities will turn off your services at the beginning of the day. That means that you’ll be moving without the benefit of light or working plumbing, both of which could become serious issues depending upon how long the move itself takes. Make sure that you can arrange to have your services turned off after you move. Some of them will stop working when you activate your new address in the system, too, so make sure that you don’t end up without internet service because you set up the network at your new home too soon.

Forwarding and Final Reads

Finally, make sure that you pay overdue balances before moving and have your final reads completed. Making sure to do this well in advance of the trip can help make moving day as smooth as absolutely possible. Additionally, you should ensure that the companies in question have a forwarding address for you. This will help ensure that any unexpected invoices or bill issues are brought to your attention before they become serious issues laden with late fees.

Are you planning a move? If you are in need of a quality moving team unit in Melbourne, FL Vero Beach, FL, Family Moving and Storage has you covered. Contact our experienced team of professionals today for information about how we can help make your moving day a smooth one, from packing to loading and unloading the moving van.

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