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It’s rare that people stay in the same home all of their lives. There are many influences and changes that cause people to want to move. Surely, if one of these influences hasn't affected you yet, they will in the future. Here’s a list of some of the top 5 reasons you might move out of your home.

  • Upgrading

You may begin to notice your house is getting too small or upgrading things in your home is becoming too costly, so you decide to upgrade to a new home. You might upgrade to a new house for the following reasons:

  • You need more space.
  • Your house is getting too costly to make constant repairs.
  • You’ve recently come into more money and want to get a nicer home.

  • Family and Relationship Changes

It happens, your family either grows or decreases, and you have to make a moving change. You may be moving to a smaller or bigger home in this case, but this is one of the biggest reasons why people move. Here are some reasons why family and relationships may cause you to move:

  • Moving in with a partner or spouse.
  • Your kids have all grown up, moved out, and you don’t need the extra space.
  • Wanting to be closer to family and other relationships.
  • Death in the family.

  • Jobs

A common reason why people move is for job-related reasons. It may be hard to commute from work if you live a long distance away from your job or you may have received a job out of state and have to move. You may move for these job-related reasons:

  • To be closer to your workplace for a shorter commute.
  • You’ve started a new job and need to relocate.
  • You have a business and decided it’ll work better in another state.

  • Surrounding Area

You’ve been living in a place for a long time, but since you’ve been there the neighborhood has gone under a few changes. Maybe there are new homeowner rules for the area you don’t like or the surrounding area isn’t up to a clean standard. There are a ton of reasons why people would move because of their surroundings, and here are some that may cause you to move:

  • The neighborhood. You may move because it doesn’t look as great as it had when you moved in, there are new homeowner rules you don’t agree with, or the neighborhood isn’t as safe.
  • Schools. There are certain distance requirements for your child to be enrolled in a certain school, and you may have a school in mind but are too far away. Or, you may be enrolling in a university and want to be closer to the school.
  • Health-related. Sometimes people want to be closer to their preferred medical hospital or clinic because of health-related reasons. Or, the current surrounding area may be an effect on your allergies or health so you’ve decided to move.
  • Needing more or less privacy. You may feel you’re situated close to your neighbors and want to live in a more spacious lot. Or, you feel you’re too far away from people and desire to live in a new suburb or downtown area. You may get too tired of the hustle of downtown, and you want to live in a quiet suburban home (or the opposite).
  • Weather. You may move because you’re tired of super snowy winters and want to live in a warmer climate. You could also move because of a warmer climate and desire to live in a colder climate.

  • Financial

If you’re moving for financial purposes, it could either be good or bad. Either way, this is a common reason why people move. You may move for financial reasons for the following reasons:

  • Your income has increased or you’ve gained money, so you’d like to move to a better home. 
  • You’ve decreased in money or your home has increased in pricing, so you’d like to move to a less costly place.
  • For saving money. You don’t necessarily have to be losing out on money to move for financial reasons. It’s possible you’ve noticed you can save money by living in a new place, and that place is better for you for a variety of other reasons as well.

If you’re moving, it’s important that you get the perfect person to help you. At Family Moving & Storage, our professional Florida family moving company can help you with your moving process. We move families in Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Melbourne, and beyond! Be sure to consider us for your moving needs.

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