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During these difficult times, the Center for Disease Control strongly recommends staying inside, self quarantining, and maintaining proper social distancing practices. At Family Moving and Storage, we recommend following these procedures as much as possible, even if you must move during a pandemic. We understand, sometimes moving is not an option, to that effect, we have provided four tips to move safely during a pandemic.

1) Move only the essentials

We’ve heard that word tossed around a lot lately, “essential”, but it applies to moving too! In this situation, think about what you will need during your first few nights, or few weeks at your new place. We recommend keeping these items separate, in a small duffle bag or suitcase, and act like you’re going on a trip! Keep only what you need and, if possible, bring everything else in smaller, more manageable trips alone. 

This will help in keeping human contact to a minimum. After all, if you had a fleet of friends all lined up to help you on your big moving day with promises of pizza, it’s best to skip it, and postpone the housewarming party as well to keep social distancing. Try having a pre-housewarming party instead over video chatting services like Zoom or Skype!

2) Minimize Human Contact

That brings us to our next point, if you simply cannot move without help, it’s best you rely on professionals who are trained in maintaining and complying with CDC standards. Our team at Family Moving and Storage are dedicated to your family’s health and safety during the COVID19 outbreak. We are willing to work with you to keep you safe, whether that means postponing moving day until it is safer if that’s an option, or wearing the appropriate gear and applying the proper handwashing and sanitation techniques. We can even work with you to provide a professional estimate virtually! 

3) Consider Storage Options 

If you are looking to move in stages, but need to be out of your current place of residence sooner than that, storage may be the solution you need. This can be a great solution to move little by little, or just be a place to keep your belongings safe while you postpone your move to a later date. Our storage options provide a safe and sanitary safe haven for your belongings in these times of transition and uncertainty. 

4) Consider Extra Sanitation Precautions

Whether you are moving alone or moving with help, it is important to remember sanitation precautions set out by the CDC, and some you may not have thought about. Of course, we recommend washing and sanitizing your hands as often as possible, and using disinfecting wipes to sanitize surfaces as often as you can. Remember, the Coronavirus can live on surfaces for days on end. To keep the virus from spreading to your new place, be sure to also avoid using cardboard boxes that have been recycled or used from other places. We instead recommend using what you already have on hand, or purchasing new boxes from an online source. In a pinch, new boxes can also be purchased at office supply stores and home improvement stores. 

At Family Moving and Storage, we are here to support our local Space Coast and Treasure Coast communities through these challenging times. Are you in need of a special arrangement to move in a hurry, contact us today and let us know how we can help! 

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