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Three Things You Should NOT Move On Your Own

If you're planning on moving soon, there are some things you should leave to a team of professional movers. Heavy furniture, appliances, and anything fragile are best left to those with the proper equipment and resources. Moving these items by yourself is not only difficult, but it can be dangerous if you don’t have good help or the right equipment. Save yourself the time and effort, and hire professionals for the big stuff!

There are items that you shouldn’t physically move because it may cause injury. Seniors should not be moving heavy items. People with heart conditions and joint issues also should avoid heavy lifting during a move. Let the professionals at Family Moving & Storage let you relax! Also consider high value and sentimental items. The best option is to avoid being a hero and let the pros take care of it before these items get damaged.

When it comes to moving, three things that you should not move yourself include:

  1. Pianos
  2. Refrigerators
  3. Mattresses


Moving pianos can be a daunting task. Even professional movers require at least two or three people to safely move them out of the house. Baby Grand and Grand Pianos require at least four people. Pianos can range from 300-900 pounds, so ensuring your safety and the safety of your property is important. Improper moving techniques and methodologies can lead to severe injury or irreversible damage to property. Family Moving and Storage has the experience and knowledge on how to correctly move this large instrument with minimal risk. It's best practice to call our movers whenever you need to move something as heavy as a piano, as they will have all the necessary materials required for a smooth transition. 


Moving large and heavy items such as refrigerators is no small task! If you are planning to move a refrigerator out of your house, professional movers who have experience and the proper equipment should be hired. Attempting to lift, drag it by yourself, or lay it on its side can cause serious damage to the appliance or even lead to injury. Refrigerators need to be transported standing up as well as moved gently in order to reduce risk of internal damage to the refrigerant, oil, or internal parts. Movers understand how to properly lift and handle these appliances in such a way that reduces the risk of damaging them. To ensure safe moving procedures for all refrigerator transfers, professional movers should always be consulted.


Moving mattresses by yourself can leave you frustrated and exhausted, not to mention high risk of damaging the mattress. In worse cases, moving a mattress alone can cause injury. Finding a friend or calling a moving service to help is a smart idea: their additional hands make moving heavy objects much easier. Calling a team of professional movers is more appealing as they can get the job done faster, safely and efficiently. Movers also have the proper resources to cover and transport the mattress without it getting dirty and damaged. Keep your physical health and personal belongings safe. Get some help with that mattress!

Why Choosing Professional Movers is Beneficial

Choosing professional movers can be beneficial when it comes to moving large, heavy items. Family Moving and Storage is an excellent choice in order to get these difficult items out of the house quickly. Family Moving and Storage can help alleviate some of the stress associated with such a move, as they employ experienced movers who have furniture removal skills, making it easier and quicker than doing it yourself. Family Moving and Storage are also mindful of tight spaces or steep staircases, making sure that delicate items are moved safely and securely. Professional movers remove all the hassle from this process with their expertise, leaving you to focus on other important tasks on your moving checklist.

Pianos, refrigerators, and mattresses are all items that most people don't think twice about moving on their own. However, these household items are actually very difficult to move without proper assistance. Pianos require multiple people to carry them and should never be dragged across the floor. Refrigerators can be easily damaged if not lifted correctly, which is why it's always best to hire professional movers who have the experience and expertise to handle your belongings with care. Moving a mattress by yourself is also not recommended as they are awkward to carry and can easily be ripped or stained. Ultimately, choosing the professional movers at Family Moving and Storage is the best option when it comes to ensuring a hassle-free move. Planning a move soon? We're here to help!

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