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Moving can already be a relatively stressful process. Add a baby or small child, and it might seem like an impossible task. After all, your baby is curious and wants to know what is up with all this moving around! In times like these, you need to make sure your child is safe. Moving comes with more than a few potential hazards that might put them at risk. 

Our team here at Family Moving & Storage has had our fair share of family moves throughout the years. That experience is why we can provide three essential tips for any families looking to settle down throughout the Space and Treasure Coasts. 

Make Sure Wires and Cables Are Away

If there is one thing a baby loves to do, it is playing and attempting to eat everything they find. Unfortunately, wires and cables are an entirely different story. Not only can babies injure themselves when putting these in their mouths, but they can also trip over them if they are lying around. Whether you are currently packing or settling in, ensuring that all cables or wires are out of reach is critical.

Put Non-Slip Pads Under All Area Rugs

As parents, you understand just how much babies love to play. If you have a carpet or rug covering a hard floor, this playtime could face interruptions in the form of them bunching up. Nobody likes to see that their rug is crooked or messy, especially not a rambunctious baby! When you arrive in your new place, make sure you prevent this from happening by placing slip prevention pads on your floor and laying the carpet or rug on top of them.

Order Outlet Covers and Closers For Cabinets

As previously mentioned, many babies are curious and want to know what all these strange items and holes in your home are. However, they might find that the outlet in your wall might shock them or that your cabinets are not climbable. You can prevent any accidents by using covers and closers that secure your outlets, cabinets, and other potentially dangerous items in your new home.

Start Your New Life With Family Moving & Storage

If you need help with any step of your Space or Treasure Coast move, from packing and loading to hiring a van and unloading, Family Moving & Storage will be there. We provide families with the highest quality of moving, packing, and storage services possible. Give us a call today at (321) 372-1005 for a free quote, or use our online contact page to let us know how we can help you with any of your moving or storage needs.

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