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Seven Reasons to Hire a Moving Company When Going to College

It’s that time of year again. Summer has come to a close and students across America are filled with anticipation and excitement as they prepare to go off to college. Applications have been accepted, and school schedules have been set. But what about the dreaded moving process? From vigorous box packing and heavy lifting to the transportation of items in overcrowded corridors, moving to college can go from a daydream to a nightmare in a pinch. That’s where Family Moving & Storage is here to help. Here are seven reasons hiring a moving company is beneficial for your college moving needs this fall. 

Less Stress

Moving in general can be a stressful scenario for anyone. However, for many freshman students going off to college can be their first time living away from their parents. This transition can be nerve wracking. Moving is a physically and emotionally taxing experience. Add going to college to that and you have a recipe for total meltdown.

Fortunately, Family Moving & Storage has a professional and organized plan for any move, helping to alleviate that stress. Movers take the daunting task of moving off of your hands and make college moving day a fun and rewarding experience for all parties involved. 

Packing Services

The chaos and stress of “where do I even begin?” begins with the packing process. Hiring professional movers helps make the entire process hassle-free. That way, any last minute tasks such as back-to-school shopping can be handled. Family Moving & Storage provides packing services that can assist students with deciding what to leave behind and what to take with them. 


Moving can be an extremely tedious and tiresome scenario. For students who are moving into dorms and apartments, there can be endless amounts of staircases or long waits at elevators as countless other students are moving on the same day. Hiring Family Moving & Storage to assist with your college moving process will take the burden of moving off of your hands. That way you can enjoy the memory of moving day without wearing yourself out.

Every move is different and will require unique needs. With a moving company, you can utilize a custom moving plan  based on your timeline and load. This is especially convenient for fragile or specialty items

Family Moving & Storage has professional movers that are highly efficient, reliable and well trained. Hiring movers will give you peace of mind and avoid over exhaustion as you can rely on a trustworthy company to get the job done on time.


Unlike most people, professional movers are trained to handle large or delicate items throughout the process of moving. With experience comes knowledge, and professional movers have a plethora of expertise, making moving day a safe experience for the entire family. Not only is moving a tedious and arduous process, but it can be unpredictable as well. Oftentimes, heavy lifting is required and bulky items are supported by thin cardboard boxes. 

Professional movers have the skills it takes to move a large bed or sofa down a flight of stairs without breaking their back. They also have professional equipment such as dollies, furniture pads and more to help make sure your move goes as smooth and safe as possible. On moving day, Family Moving & Storage makes moving to college simple and safe. 

Family Moving and Storage is a fully licensed moving company that complies with the regulations created by the state’s Department of Agriculture. In addition, it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

More Time With Your Child

Move-in day for college students can be a bittersweet experience. While it’s an extremely proud moment for every parent, it’s also a long and dreaded goodbye as their child is leaving the nest for good. The last hours spent with your child can either be spent unloading boxes and fumbling through crowded hallways or walking down memory lane and soaking in your final goodbyes. Family Moving and Storage is prepared to take care of the physically challenging aspect of moving day.

Gives Your Child More Time to Get Acquainted With Campus

Starting a new year of college can be intimidating for students. It’s important for students to feel comfortable and at ease while they transition to life on campus. Hiring professional movers helps take the load off of your hands and help make moving day a memorable experience of meeting new friends, mingling with roommates and learning their class schedule. 

College Storage Units

Due to the unknown, oftentimes students overpack and are left overwhelmed with an excess of boxes and unnecessary items. For many students this is their first home away from home. Luckily, Family Moving & Storage offers secure and reliable storage units. These storage options are accessible 24-hours a day, offer top of the line security, and are protected from harsh elements.

Storage options also help keep items safe and provide peace of mind. Furthermore, if you choose to pack yourself, Family Moving & Storage can deliver boxes to your home at no charge. 

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Overall, moving to college is the beginning of a new chapter. Hiring movers helps make the first page fun and memorable. Professional movers help alleviate stress, exhaustion and danger. They also allow you to spend more time with your family while getting acquainted with peers and your campus. Call 321 372 1005 and get a quote today! 

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