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Please Empty Your Drawers For Movers

Movers are coming! Please empty your drawers. This may seem like an odd request, but it is actually one of the most important things you can do to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. By emptying your drawers,and using moving boxes for clothes you will save the movers time and energy in having to move items that are not necessary. Plus, it will make it easier for you to find what you need once everything is moved into your new home. So before the movers arrive, take a few minutes to empty out your drawers and make everyone's job a little bit easier. Taking that last walk through the house to make sure everything is picked up and you didn’t forget anything is the most important thing, but emptying out your drawers first, helps us keep all of your belongings safe. 

Emptying Drawers Saves Time And Prevents Damage

When you move, the movers will be able to quickly and easily pack your belongings if they don't have to take the time to empty out your drawers.  If you have all your personal belongings packed and out of the drawers before the movers arrive you can avoid a lot of headaches. When the movers do it for you, it risks items getting damaged and you could be unhappy with the outcome of the move. 

When you decide to move, you have the time to pack before the movers arrive. Use the time to get your important items in order and out of the drawers so nothing gets lost. Using your time wisely when moving can make all the difference when you go to unpack and everything is in the correct box. This will make for an easier day for not only you but us at Family moving and Storage as well. We strive to please our customers and assure that your moving experience is everything you need it to be and more. 

Avoid Items Getting Misplaced

You will be much more at ease when your movers arrive if you know that all of the loose items have been removed from the dresser drawers and are safely packed away in moving boxes for clothes, bubble wrap glassware and you know where everything is in a labed box. If you didn't empty them, it's very possible for something valuable to get broken or misplaced during transport which is why emptying them ahead of time is important. You know where your things are, and it makes unpacking easier later. 

If you leave items in the drawers, there is a good chance they may fall out or break in travel time. We want to take care of your items and we can not do so if you forget about them or leave them in places we may not know they are. Moving boxes for clothes are good for anything and you can always use clothes to wrap up your other valuable things as well. 

Good Opportunity To Get Rid Of Any Unnecessary Items

If you haven't worn or used it in the last six months, there's a good chance you won't miss it. We all have that outfit hanging in the closet with the tags still on it, donate it. Declutter your home before moving to make the process easier on yourself. Moving can be a lot of work, but if you take the time to prepare and pack things properly, it will go a lot smoother. Use moving boxes for clothes, suitcases, plastic tubs, whatever you may have around the house. Just please do not leave it in the drawers for the movers to have to lift and carry. Think of this experience as a chance to get rid of all the things you have been meaning to throw away or donate to people who may need them more than you. All the extra stuff laying around, just get rid of it and start fresh. As we like to say, if it hasn’t been used in a few months, it is not going to be used. 

Label Your Moving Boxes for Clothes For Organization  

Labeling your boxes will make life so much easier not only on moving day but when you go to unpack as well. You can place the moving boxes for clothes in each room, the kitchen box in the kitchen, bathroom and so on. It will allow you to take your time unpacking and realize your new space is just that, somewhere new for you to enjoy. Take this time and make sure everything goes where you want it and label your boxes properly so you know what you need to pack and where you left off. You do not want to leave anything behind! 

If you are tired of your furniture, get rid of it. You can buy new and find a new style for your new space. Have someone come pick up the donation items to save hassles on moving day. Now that you know how to make your move as stress-free and organized as possible, it's time to put those tips into action. We'll be happy to help with all aspects of your next move, from packing up every last item in your home to hauling them off without a scratch so you can unpack anywhere with ease!

Family moving and Storage in Florida is waiting for your call ! Contact us today at 321-372-1005 or email us at info@callfamilymoving.com for more information about our services. 

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