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Need to Move a Piano?

Depending on the situation, moving any item can be a challenge. Some items are awkward, heavy, fragile, or all three. If not moved properly and safely, your items could be damaged or you could be injured. There is one item, however, that stands above the rest in terms of moving difficulty. That item is the piano. The piano is a beautiful and inspiring musical instrument that makes a great addition to any home. Once it’s in place, everything is great. If it has to be moved, however, the struggle begins.

Pianos are notoriously heavy. Even a “small piano” can weigh in at 500 pounds. On top of that, they are expensive and fragile. Not only are they fragile in terms of physical damage that can occur, but the strings can go out of tune if they are disturbed too much. Piano tuning is an involved process that usually requires hiring a professional piano tuner. Any piano player knows the disappointment of sitting down at a great piano only to find it’s unplayable or out of tune. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional piano mover to keep you and your instrument safe.

If you are determined to try and move the piano without the help of a professional, at least follow these tips to minimize the risks.

Always have a helper

Arguably, the most dangerous mistake you could make is trying to move a piano alone. You might feel like you have the situation under control, but all it takes is one false move or slip-up and your precious instrument could come crashing down to its peril, or even your peril. Even if you miraculously move the piano without obvious damage, you could strain or injure yourself by overstressing your body. This cannot be overstated. Never, ever try piano moving alone. It is a recipe for disaster.

Casters are not reliable

Most pianos have metal casters. While these may be sufficient for adjusting its position, they should not be relied on for moving over distances. Most pianos stay in their place for a long time, without the casters getting much if any use. In addition to being stiff, most casters are relatively small.

With the enormous weight of the piano bearing down on the casters, even if you get them to move, they are very likely to scratch up your wood floors. These casters are not designed for long-range moving and, in many cases, are largely a decorative item or afterthought. With a high amount of stress placed on them, they can even break off, causing your piano to suddenly hit the ground or worse, your foot!

Use a Dolly

Even if you’re a champion strong man competitor, trying to lift a piano using brute force is a dangerous endeavor. The average piano weighs between 400 and 800 pounds, with some pianos weighing even more. This means you could need up to six individuals to lift the piano. It only takes one mistake to result in a catastrophe. Not to mention, if someone gets hurt, it is you who is liable - so much for saving money, right? A good dolly will not only make the piano easier to move but will help keep you and your help safe. Once you get the piano lifted with the dolly, have people around it to keep it steady and from slipping off.

Call a professional

You may have thought you could save a little money by moving your piano yourself. The truth is, if anything goes wrong, it’s very likely you will be spending much more than you would have if you’d just called a professional. In addition to avoiding expensive risks, you will have the peace of mind knowing your piano is moved safely and carefully.

At Family Moving and Storage, we understand that not everyone has the money for professional movers. When it comes to certain items, however, the best advice really is to call the professionals. A piano is absolutely one of those items. If you live on the Space Coast or Treasure Coast and need safe, professional piano moving services, we can help! Contact Family Moving and Storage today and save yourself from a potential nightmare.

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