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Your office has decided to relocate to a new destination, which can be positively crazy. It can be stressful for many individuals if it’s not done right. Your new office might have that perfect location and space, but how do you get all of your material there? We’ve provided you a list of what to do when you’re moving to a new office space.

  • Make a plan

Moving is not a thing you want to wing, especially when many people are involved. You should devise a plan between people of the industry for how things should be settled before actions are sprung into place. This is so that no belongings are mixed up, no information is mishandled, and nothing is forgotten behind. 

You’ll want to plan for:

  • Dimensions. Measure the dimensions of the appliances and furniture at your old location to see if they will fit in your new one. Things such as refrigerators, desks, and equipment should take priority in your plan.
  • Employees desk space. There are many ways of doing this and it is dependent on the size of your company and your move. A good way of handling this is having employees make sure their desks are cleared in advance of the move. Prioritize moving out the least necessary objects first, this way your necessary information is still securely set up and available for work. Objects such as desks should either be transported by an official employee or the employees themselves.
  • Wi-fi and electronics. Make a plan for how you want to handle wi-fi and electronics in your new place and when it’ll be available for use.
  • Who is moving what. You may divide certain rooms or objects among employees, that way no sole person is handling moving everything.

  • Settle any important files

As you’re moving to a new space, important documents may need to be changed. Make sure things such as your new address, phone numbers, and location are updated when they become accurate.

  • Do research

If you’re hiring a moving company, you’ll want to do some research on the best moving companies available for you. There are a vast amount of moving companies out there, and you’ll want to consider their cost, services, experience, and location.

  • Organize

You should already have a good plan in place for how you’d like to move. But it’s very important not to just take everything and go. Remember to label boxes as to their room and objects, so that way you can easily place them in the specified room. Don’t put any random batch of items together into a single box (unless you only have one box to transport).

  • Celebrate

You’re moving to a new office! New locations are fun and allow employees and customers for a change of routine. There are many ways you can celebrate, here’s a list:

  • Have a planning party. Planning isn’t always fun, but you can make it more enjoyable. Take time in your office schedules, perhaps around lunch, to allow your employees to gather and devise a plan. You can make this enjoyable by allowing you or your employees to bring in food for the lunchtime. Perhaps have a couple people make a design on the plan before the party starts to share with everyone.
  • Take time during the day to have everyone move. Perhaps on the day, or before, the move employees should clean out their spaces. Have everyone or a majority of people do this at the same time, that way it’s a fun distraction from the day’s work before the big move. You could also put on some fun music for everyone to enjoy during the process.
  • Going-away party or arrival party. This may sound typical, but only because it’s fun for everyone! However the office decides it, this could be a fun time for everyone. Put on some fun music, eat a meal, or play a fun game or two. This’ll get your office employees excited about the new office. 

If you’re moving, it’s important that you get the perfect person to help you. At Family Moving & Storage, our professional Florida family moving company can help you with your moving process. We move families in Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Melbourne, and beyond! Be sure to consider us for your moving needs.

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