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April showers might bring May showers, but we Floridians know they mean the arrival of a new season. Summer may not officially begin until late June, but the heat tells us that late May is the real beginning of summertime and most of our traditional activities begin that time as well. School gets out, beaches become packed, and people start moving.

Summer is the unofficial moving season, and for us movers, this is frequently our busiest time of the year. Why is this the case? Well, it’s mainly due to convenience. Moving is stressful enough without worrying about kids at school or taking off work during a convenient time. It’s already common for someone to take off time in the summer and some workplaces, it’s expected. 

There is also a bit of self-fulfillment in the idea that it is better to move during the summer. Since so many people plan their moves around the summertime, that means they try to sell their homes during that period, so more people are buying homes in the summer.

All of this is to say that our summer seasons are typically hectic, and that’s why it’s best to plan out these moves ahead of time. It’s sporadic that someone sporadically plans a move. It’s usually thought out and planned ahead of time. Doing so can save some of the stress that the moving season causes.

At Family Moving and Storage, we’re always trying to reduce the stress of moving. We offer ways to make the moving process as easy as possible with packing and storage services alongside our moving assistance plans. This way, planning a move can be more manageable.

How To Plan For A Move

Planning for a move is more simple than it sounds. The moving process doesn’t need to be a whirlwind of uncertainty. Even if the moving date itself is unknown, you can still:

  • Research the moving company
  • Set aside money for movers
  • Know if storage is necessary or not
  • Know which items are being kept or given away

Not every movie can be perfectly planned, such as when someone takes a new job, but what about when it’s more predictable, such as downsizing? That may require a storage unit or giving away furniture. Do these preparations well before the move, so the truck is only filled with the essentials when moving day arrives.

It’s also never a bad idea to have some money set aside for your planned moving company. Do research, get a quote, and understand what services you want to use. That way, when it’s time to get a moving date set, the only question to ask what days the movers can come out. It makes the process far easier for everyone involved.

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Summer is the busy season for us movers, but Family Moving and Storage prides itself on being available whenever possible. We ever offer same-day moving services when something unexpected occurs.

If the plan this summer is to move, then call us today at 321-372-1005. We look forward to hearing from you.

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