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Moving Day Etiquette

Your moving day has finally come. Whether you are dreading it or filled with excitement, moving day has its own unique set of challenges. To ease these possible challenges, we’ve gathered some helpful tips for moving day etiquette. 

  • Inform neighbors (current and new) about your move
  • Determine parking logistics
  • Help your team of movers
  • Have snacks and beverages ready
  • Be friendly
  • Tipping

Letting your current and new neighbors know about possible driveway blocking ahead of time will go a long way in avoiding frustration. There will be a lot of coming and going between you and the movers. Letting your current neighbors know what time movers will arrive will allow them to move their vehicles if needed, so they aren’t blocked in by the moving truck. Your new neighbors will appreciate the heads up as well.

Figuring out where you will park at your current location and new home will alleviate any stress when the moving truck comes to load and unload your items. Letting your movers know ahead of time where they should park the moving truck will be greatly appreciated and take away any last-minute needs to move the truck.

A simple way to help your team of movers is to have everything organized and ready to go when they arrive. This will cut down on excess time and will prevent any increased costs on your end. Additionally, labeling your boxes will help our movers assist you in keeping things organized at your new place for a smoother moving experience.

Loading and unloading are physically exhausting. Having some snacks and drinks on hand for you and your moving team will keep everyone up and moving and hydrated (extra essential for the summer)! A pack of water bottles from your local grocery store and snack-sized bags of crackers or trail mix is a sure crowd-pleaser. Your movers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Be friendly to your team of movers. A smile goes a long way! Stay at your current home and new home throughout the loading and unloading. Your movers may have questions for you and won’t be able to communicate if you are not there. 

For information about tipping your movers, please read our blog here.

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