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Did you know that moving can be fun? Yes, that might sound insane to anyone that’s done it before. Especially if you have had to do it a lot. The process of moving sounds like it can be dreadful and in many ways it is.

Packing everything up, picking a day and time, putting everything on to the truck, it can all build up into a stressful day that by the end you will feel nothing except exhaustion. Moving can put an immense stress on your mind and body and even when it’s over there’s still the process of unpacking. It just never ends.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Moving isn’t the best thing in the world, but if you come at with a positive mindset there are ways it can be enjoyable if not outright fun. Yes, this might sound like crazy talk, but there are some positives of moving that people secretly enjoy even if they choose to hide it.

The next time you’re moving and it feels like the entire world is falling down around you, just stop, take a deep breath, and think about some of the aspects about moving you’re actually enjoying. You’ll be surprised at how much you can come up with.

Organization is cathartic

There’s a certain cathartic nature to packing. The initial hatred for it is usually because we all have a lot of stuff, have no idea what to do with it, and now we have to cram it all into boxes and hope it comes together into some kind of organized chaos. That is what packing feels like, but what packing actually is doing is giving you the opportunity to restart at square one.

Throughout the process of living in a home, items get misplaced, put in areas they really don’t belong, and it’s all a bit of a mess. That mess is your home and you love it, but deep in your mind you know it could be better. When you are forced to pack everything together however it’s finally an opportunity to organize everything. This is your chance to take the flurry of misconstrued items and bring them together.

As you begin to organize you’ll eventually get into a groove that is not only enjoyable, but somewhat relaxing for you. This goes here, that goes there, and this is junk for the trash. Organization has a funny effect on the brain.

On top of this, you earn a chance to reminisce as you pack. You’ve attached memories to almost every item you own. Packing is a great chance to think on those memories.

Bonding experiences

Even if you did hire labor to help you move there’s still a large portion of moving that typically relies on other people for help. Whether you’ve called in friends to help you unpack the truck, your family is there to help you unpack boxes, or it’s a significant other that you’re moving with there is often going to be someone else involved in your moving process.

Moving creates a weird way of bonding with these people. You always know who has helped you move and it gives them a certain standing in your mind. This is the person that helped you when you needed it most and that sticks with you.

There are also some fun memories that can be made by spending a day moving together. Moving is what you make out of it and if you spend the entire time complaining then yes it’s probably not going to have any fun attached, but if you put on a smile and laugh your way through it then you’ll be shocked at how much easier the entire process feels.

You get to drive a big truck

Did you rent a moving truck? Well congratulations because you get to drive that thing!  Feel the power of the road as you move through with a giant truck. Everyone sees you and you rarely get the opportunity to drive something like this. It’s a chance to do something new.

The most important part of enjoying the moving process is by finding a way to appreciate the little things. If you do that then you’ll be shocked at how much less stressful the moving process is. You could look at driving a moving truck as being forced to drive a vehicle you’re not used to, or you could look at it as the opportunity to dominate the roads just like you’ve always wanted. Take the glass half full approach.

If none of this sounds appealing then hire us

Considering this is what we do for a living we’re obviously biased, but moving is what we enjoy and we’ll help you get through that process easily. If the most fun part of moving for you is when it’s over then let us do all the hard work. Then you can have the best move of your life.

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