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Did you get new orders for a temporary assignment? Moving to a new duty station is a stressful process for military families. You are moving to a new place and uprooting from your current life. That can cause a tangle of stress for you. Especially if you don’t know what to do with all of your belongings. Over the years, stuff accumulates. If you don’t want to part with anything or wish to come back to it, then you may be considering a storage facility. 

Family Moving & Storage Company is a trusted moving and storage facility on the Space Coast, Treasure Coast, and Orlando. Don’t stress about your valuables and memories. Let our family store your family’s belongings until your return. 

Here are some dos and don’ts when packing and storing your items. 

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Do Find the Right Facility 

The first step in finding the perfect short-term storage facility is doing all the necessary research. Make sure that any facility you consider is licensed, insured, and secure—especially if you store valuable items. Additionally, consider whether the location of the facility is essential; if you plan on accessing your items frequently during their stay in storage, it might be worth considering a facility that is closer to home. 

But no need to worry when choosing Family Moving & Storage Company. We started in 1996 and have earned 20 years of trust and experience in the community!


Do Choose the Right Size Unit 

When deciding on a unit size, make sure to choose one that is large enough to fit all your items without being too big where you’ll be paying for unused space. Take note of how much space you need and also consider what items will require more space than others. 

Do Properly Prepare Your Items 

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it's important to ensure that your belongings are securely packed before you store them. This means using sturdy boxes and packing materials such as bubble wrap or foam wrap to protect fragile items. You should also ensure that boxes are properly labeled so that it's easy for you to find what you need later on. Seriously, this can turn into a massive headache if you cannot find something later on. Protect yourself from that migraine and label your boxes. 

Do Use Quality Packing Materials

When moving items into storage, it's important to use quality packing materials like sturdy boxes and packing tape to ensure that all your belongings remain safe. If possible, try to use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes as they offer better protection against moisture and pests such as rodents or insects. Which Florida is notorious for. Additionally, if you're storing fabric items like clothes or linens, consider airtight bags, as they can provide extra protection against mildew and dust buildup while in storage. 

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Don't Store Perishable Items

Don't store anything perishable or anything that could spoil in short-term storage. Also, don’t store anything that could attract pests or cause mold growth. Additionally, avoid leaving any food or liquids in units. Only store non-perishable items so your possessions remain safe while in storage. This will preserve all your items, and they’ll remain just as you left them. 

Don't Store Anything That Extreme Temperatures Could Damage 

Short-term storage units are designed to protect your items from dust, dirt, and pests. Still, storage units cannot prevent extreme temperatures from damaging sensitive items. Before storing anything in a unit, make sure that changes in temperature or humidity won't damage it. If you're unsure whether an item will be affected by extreme temperatures, it's best to lean on the side of caution and not store it in a short-term storage unit. 

Don’t Pack Fragile Items Together

When packing fragile items like dishes and glassware for storage, make sure that each item is wrapped securely in bubble wrap or packing paper. Accidents happen. Boxes can fall when loading or unloading, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It's also important not to pack too many fragile items together inside one box; try to use multiple boxes with fewer items per box instead. This will reduce the risk of breakage due to heavy weight, shifting during transport, or moving around inside the storage unit.

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Choose Family Moving & Storage

No matter how long your items will be in military storage, proper preparation is essential for keeping them safe and secure throughout the duration. Following these dos and don’ts for military storage should help ease some of the stress when preparing for relocation so that you can focus on other tasks. Let go of one stress and choose Family Moving & Storage for your temporary orders.

At our facilities, we understand how vital it is to keep your belongings safe from the elements and theft. We offer secure units and have been trusted for over 20 years in the community. Additionally, if you need help moving, our professionals and qualified movers can help you and your family move! Call one of our three locations to get your free estimate on storage facilities today! Space Coast: 321-372-1005, Treasure Coast 772-794-1755, and Orlando 321-372-1005

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