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Moving is something that most people will have to do multiple times in their lifetime. Whether you are moving for the first time or you have done it several times before, there is always stress. This stress can take its toll on even the best of planners. While the stress can never fully be relieved, there are ways to ease the tension, reduce the amount of work, and make the process go smoothly.

How To Pack Your Items

When packing there are several ways that you can save time while also protecting your items.

You can leave your clothes on the hanger. It's a lot of work to unhang your clothes, fold them, put them in a box, move them, and then hang them back up at your new home. Instead, leave them on their hangers, group them up, and then wrap them in a large garbage bag.

You don't need to empty your dresser drawers. Unpacking all of the clothes and items out of your dresser would be time-consuming. Instead, you can take the drawers out of the dresser and secure your items by wrapping them in plastic. 

You don’t need to waste boxes on small items. You can put your spices, utensils, and other small kitchen items inside your pots and storage containers.

You can save time by color-coding your boxes. You can stick a sticker to the outside of your boxes that designates which room it goes in. When moving to your new place, you will easily be able to tell which room it goes in. Additionally, before you seal up the box you can take a picture of the box’s contents. While you won't be able to get everything in your picture, it will jog your memory about what's in there.

Make it a goal to be packed before the movers get there. That way on moving day, you can focus on the task at hand.

What Should I Do On Moving Day?

Moving day is the most stressful day when moving, and is likely the hardest part of the move. Here are tips for getting through the day.

Take your essentials with you. Bring with you a small bag of things that you will need throughout the day. This can be anything from a change of clothes to toiletries, to a phone charger. Additionally, bring with you food and water. With the chaos of the moving day, it is easy to forget to eat or drink. Be sure to bring a cooler with you so you can keep your strength up throughout the day.

Have a plan for any kids or pets. If the kids are too young to help out, relieve stress by having someone watch them for the day. Pets could get in the way too, so it may also be best to have a friend or family member watch them for the day.

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