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You’ve just prepared the move of your life. Everything is getting ready to go on the truck and you’ve gotten the keys to your new home or business. You walk in, take a look around, and suddenly it hits you. There isn’t enough space for everything you want to move. Not yet anyways. With some proper organizing you might be able to get everything in correctly, but where will it wait until then? Is it just going to have to sit in the middle of the floor, what about your holiday items? Do you just have to cram them in the closet or attic?

This is far more common than you might expect. Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller building, or your new place doesn’t have the storage options you were expecting, there are going to be times where you need a little extra storage. That’s where finding a good storage facility can come in handy.

Storage facilities have been getting a bad reputation over the years due to costs, not taking proper care of your items, and some arguing that they’re unnecessary, but for some of us there are items that we either can’t keep at home or we just can’t part with. That’s where there’s a massive benefit to storage facilities. That’s not the only one of course.

Climate Control

Anyone who’s lived in Florida knows that climate control is a must for a storage facility if you’re keeping anything of major value in there. You want something that is going to stay at a cool room temperature so your items don’t accrue damage from the heat or outside elements.

Of course, if all you need is something to hold some items that can be withheld in any environment then not going with a climate controlled option is okay too. What’s important here is that the option is up to you.

Boat and Car storage

Maybe your last home was on the river and you liked to take your boat out for a ride, but when you moved you no longer had a place to hold on to it. You don’t want to sell your boat so you need to store it. Some storage facilities, like the ones at Family Moving and Storage, offer the ability to store your boat.

You also may be in a situation where you’re holding on to a car for a family member, or you’re going to be out of town for a few months and you don’t trust just leaving it on the street. You don’t need to worry, because there are car storage options as well at Family Moving and Storage that will leave you feeling safe.

Holiday storage

Some of us love the holidays. They’re a great time of year because every month there’s something new to get excited about, but the decorations can be a handful. Whether you’re the house that’s really into Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or all three you need a place to hold on to those decorations. Having a storage facility to get into for when it’s that time of year is not a bad idea. Then once the holidays have left you can safely store it and come back one year later.

Your items stay safe

Perhaps more important than any of this is that your items will stay safe. We’ll make sure nobody breaks in and steals your prized possessions. You will always have a place to safely hold on to your items which is the main goal of a storage facility. Don’t just cram everything into the attic or a closet where bugs can get to them. Use a storage facility where they will stay safe and secure.

Even businesses can use them

When you’re moving buildings as a business it’s typically an affair that lasts longer than a single day. Sometimes you just need to get stuff out so you can move larger items, but you might not have access to your new building yet. If that’s the case then why not use a storage facility? You can hold on to any secure items that aren’t ready to be moved yet.

Whether you’re downsizing, moving and just need to hold something temporarily, or you have too much stuff and just want a place to put it all the storage at Family Moving and Storage is there for you. Allow us to be the ones who keep your personal possessions safe.

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