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The harsh winter months are slowly reaching their end, and spring’s warmth is on the way. It also means that moving season is quickly approaching. 

The average person is more likely to move during the summer. There are many reasons for this, but the major ones are usually related to time and families. Kids are out of school, it’s an excellent time to take a vacation, and with everyone moving, that means there are more houses for sale. If there is a single time of year where taking time off work to move is considered normal, it’s the summer.

It has created a weird vacuum effect where nobody is moving during the other times of the year. Some people move in the fall, but the Winter and Spring move come to a sudden halt. Even here in sunny Florida, where there’s no snow.

There are benefits to moving before the summer, though. If an opportunity to move is available, then the time of the year shouldn’t be a consideration. Mainly when advantages of moving before summer include:

  • It’s cheaper
  • Services are more available
  • Cooler weather

In many ways, it can be better to move before the summertime and instead move in the winter or spring. 

Sometimes It’s Cheaper

Moving during the summer has the highest demand, so something like renting a moving truck will be more expensive and sometimes have a waiting period attached to it. With so much demand, there is typically an increase in price that accompanies it.

With the winter and spring being slower moving months, there is less demand, so that moving materials may go down. 

At Family Moving & Storage, we offer affordable rates at all times of the year.

More Services Are Available

During the busy summer months, it’s not unheard of for a moving company to make multiple moves the same day. An entire staff can be stretched thin, and providing services that same day may be impossible. Some services like packing or storage may even have a waiting period behind them.

Since the non-summer months are typically slower, it’s less likely to be busy. For anyone seeking out full-service moving, the winter and spring may be their best bet for moving services without a wait time.

Cooler Weather

The weirdest part of moving being more prevalent during the summer is that the weather is just unbearable. Everyone has experienced a summer move where they went through 20 water bottles and sweated through three t-shirts.

When moving in the non-summer months, it’s usually cooler. Of course, this is Florida, so it’s still going to be hot, but it’s far more tolerable than the rest of the year. 

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Don’t be a follower. Move when it’s convenient, and sometimes it’s more convenient to move in the non-summer months. It’s less busy, the weather is nicer, and sometimes it can even save money. If the time to move is right now, then contact Family Moving & Storage today. Give us a call at 772-794-1755 or send an email to info@callfamilymoving.com.

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