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A Pre-Move Checklist

Moving can be stressful, but never fear: at Family Moving and Storage, we are here to help! There are many ways to make moving more manageable, but the best way is to plan. Making a checklist will make the process much simpler and less stressful. Follow these steps, and you will settle into your new place before you know it!


Do Your Own Packing

We know that not everyone has the time or the energy to do their packing. It is helpful if you prepare by doing some of your own. You can pick the most accessible and valuable items yourself. Leave the rest for our certified moving professionals. Using boxes where possible is a best practice. If you decide to save some time and money by doing so, here are a few tips:

  • If packing books, use small boxes. They're heavier than you think!
  • Using packing paper, bubble wrap, or foam can protect your items from chips and dings.
  • Use the space available in each box. This makes sure items don't shift during transport, but make sure you can still close each box.
  • Label every box, so you know what's inside!


Assembled Items and Furniture

You can take certain items apart to make moving them much more straightforward. This includes pieces of furniture and exercise equipment. You can move others, like dressers, wholesale while still containing your clothes. These items can also cause damage to flooring, walls, and even themselves and workers if moved. When moving:


  • Any disassembly of especially heavy or bulky items will make it quicker and easier to move them. Remember to keep parts like screws, nuts, and bolts together so you don't lose them!
  • You don’t need to remove drawers with soft and lightweight goods like clothing. You should only do so if the dresser top is heavy mahogany or marble. You can wrap dressers with blankets and bubble wrap to keep their drawers from opening.
  •  Use felt pads or sliders under the "feet" of furniture. This protects the flooring and the furniture from scratching or chipping.
  •  With all furniture, make sure you have their measurements on hand. You don't want to arrive to find that your favorite chair won't fit through the front door!


Put Aside Certain Items

Your instinct may be to pack as many things into as many boxes as possible, but you should resist this impulse. If you buried your laptop in the back of the moving truck, it will be an exercise in frustration. You should section certain things off from the rest, so you have ready access to them. You will also want to make sure you have left your old home clean when you leave. Finally, there are certain items which we cannot transport for you. These include:


  • You are waiting to pack cleaning supplies. You can use brooms, mops, rags, chemicals, and other items to clean the vacated space. This cleanliness is valuable for ensuring that you can retrieve your security deposit.
  • Set aside any items you will want immediate access to. Computers, medications, phone chargers, toiletries, cable boxes and routers, and televisions are all good candidates.
  • We cannot transport certain items. These include hazardous materials such as propane tanks, firearms, paint, and aerosols. If you are moving any such items, please make alternate arrangements for them.
  • Don't forget to clean your stove and defrost your fridge!
  • Inventory your items room-by-room, complete with pictures. This precaution makes filing a claim on any items more straightforward.


Plan in Advance

Giving your movers ample advance notice is always helpful. Make sure that you have submitted your change of address form about a week before your move. Having a layout plan of your new home or office before moving is also very helpful to your movers:


  • When hiring movers, scheduling as far in advance as possible is for the best. We recommend 2-4 weeks.
  • Have a layout plan for where you are moving to. This plan will help your movers know where you want your items, saving you time and money.
  •  Submit your change of address form about a week before your move so you can reroute your mail.


And You're Done!

The next step is to contact Family Moving and Storage. We are here to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. Visit our website or give us a call today for a free moving quote!

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