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Are you interested in storing some items? Whether you are looking for a long-term storage option or are in search of something a bit more temporary to help make your moving process as smooth as possible, our storage facilities in Melbourne and Palm Bay, FL, have the options you need. Even once you have the right solution in place for your belongings, however, the question as to how exactly you should go about storing them remains. At Family Moving Storage, we know how to keep your items safe no matter what the circumstance might be. Let’s take a look at some of our top tips to prepare your items for storage!

  1. Know Your Timeline

Before you can start accurately preparing your items for storage, you first must understand how long you expect to store them. This can dictate how you go about the preparation process. If you are only storing items for a short period of time, for example, then ensuring that you invest in packaging that is resistant to damage from the elements is less important than if you plan to store things through multiple seasons and all of weather and temperature changes that can come along with it.

  1. Pick Your Packaging Carefully

Once you know how long you’re going to store your items, you can get started on a packing and storing plan. When it comes to actually packing your items, you want to invest in decent packing materials and containers that won’t disintegrate in a month or two. Waterproof containers are often your best bet, with clear plastic containers combining weather-proofing options and ease-of-use to provide the least stressful packing, moving, and storing process possible.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Furniture

Don’t just unload your furniture as-is and expect it to come out of the storage process unscathed. It is important to properly disassemble your larger furniture items and cover them with quality cloths or tarps. This is especially important if your storage facility is not climate-controlled. Make sure to speak with your facility about this prior to storing items so you can plan accordingly.

  1. Store Clean Items

Clean your items before you store them. This includes cloth as well as appliances and furniture. Ensuring that everything is clean to begin with helps lower the chances of your items becoming covered in mildew.

  1. Store Smartly

Finally, when you’re actually moving your items into the storage unit, place things smartly. That means that all heavy and large things should be placed on the bottom, for example, to avoid crushing more fragile belongings. Consider storing items vertically rather than horizontally, too, if you’re low on space. Keep in mind what items you might want to retrieve first and which can wait until the last minute and place them accordingly.

If you are in need of a quality storage unit in Melbourne or Palm Bay, FL, Family Moving and Storage has you covered. Our family has been packing and storing items for decades, and we understand how to keep your belongings safe no matter the circumstances. For more information about how our professionals can help you make your storage experience an easy one, contact us our professional team today! We’re happy to talk through your options with you and help you plan for your move.

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