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When we think about Professional Movers in Space Coast FL, most of us tend to picture packing and unpacking our belongings and hauling them from place to place. It’s important to remember, however, that there are likely a wide array of things you must accomplish before you can even plan the move itself. Obtaining an appraisal on your home, for example, is often quite vital to the selling process and can halt your journey in its tracks. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can prepare your home for appraisals in Vero Beach, FL.

Clean Up!

This might seem like an obvious bit of advice, but you’d be surprised at just how few people take the time to actually deep clean their home before having it appraised. You want your  home to be perceived as one that has been well-kept and maintained over the time you’ve been there. A well-kept home is a clean home, which means that you should take the time to give your home quite the “Spring cleaning”. This includes removing marks from walls, cleaning the interiors of your cabinets, and removing stains from your carpets. You want the interior of your home to shine.

Fix the Small Stuff

While you might not want to sink tens of thousands of dollars into a home that you are selling, you should still consider making small repairs before the appraisal. Remember that every repair the new owners might have to do will decrease your home’s value. Additionally, these small issues – things like running toilets, broken cabinets, or paint scuffs – can give the impression that your home has been poorly maintained. That is the last thing you want. Fix these issues before the appraiser arrives.

Point Out the Perks

Does your home have some cool upgrades that might not be immediately apparent? Make sure that you point them out to the appraiser! The same is true if you home has any unique perks or assets that might interest new buyers. Don’t hesitate from telling the appraiser all about your latest upgrades and the new flooring in the den – all of these things can add up and have a big influence on your home’s value.

Focus on Curb Appeal

Finally, make sure that you don’t ignore the curb appeal of your home when having it appraised. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely overhaul the exterior of your home, either. A little bit of paint to help the door stand out or some fixes to a broken sidewalk can go a long way towards creating the eye-catching image that you want. You might also consider upgrading your landscaping with things like flowers, small trees, and outdoor lights that draw attention to your assets.

Are you planning a move? Make sure to keep the above tips in mind when the time for a home appraisal comes around or hire  ourProfessional Movers in Space Coast FL! They’ll help you avoid common mistakes that can really impact your home’s value in a negative manner. And, of course, when the time to move rolls around, reach out to us at Family Moving and Storage!

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